Family and Individual Client Services/ Residential Real Estate

We help families and individuals achieve their estate and asset protection planning goals, protect their assets, close real estate transactions and resolve issues involving their employment.

Estate Planning, Asset Protection Planning and the Probate Process

We represent business owners, executives, and individuals in the protection and preservation of personal wealth with proven estate and asset protection planning strategies. We also represent executors, trustees and beneficiaries in estate administration and the disputes that sometimes exist in the administration and probate of an estate.

Choosing a Trustee

Asset Protection Basics

Residential Real Estate

We routinely represent sellers and purchasers of residential real estate. We understand the legal and practical issues involved on both sides of the transaction to assure a successful result.

Employment and Severance Agreements

We regularly represent executives and employees in negotiating employment agreements and compensation packages. We specialize in utilizing strategies such as stock grants, restricted stock agreements, stock options, and other equity participation agreements to maximize benefits in compensation packages. If your employment is terminated, we use our unique knowledge of employment, business and tax law to obtain favorable severance terms and agreements.

Employment Termination / Wrongful Discharge

We use our experience and knowledge of employment law to obtain favorable settlements for executives and employees who have had their employment wrongfully or involuntarily terminated based on discrimination, breach of contract, whistleblowing or retaliation. Where settlements are not achievable, we litigate to protect your rights. Although we recognize that litigation is often the least desirable way of resolving a dispute, it is sometimes unavoidable in order to obtain justice.

Covenants-Not-To-Compete / Restrictive Covenants

We analyze and provide solutions to help you navigate through covenants-not-to-compete and other restrictive covenants, which restrict your ability to seek and obtain gainful employment.

Practice Areas