Commercial Real Estate and Financing

We provide knowledgeable representation in the purchase, sale, financing and leasing of commercial and residential properties. Our goal is to complete the closing in a time efficient matter, while protecting your interests.

Purchases / Sales / Leasing of Real Estate

We provide representation through all phases of the purchase, sale and leasing of real estate, from price negotiations through closing. We are adept at handling all issues that can arise in real estate transactions, drafting and reviewing contracts of sale and lease agreements and arriving at solutions.

Landlord / Tenant

We structure and draft leases, enforce the terms of leases with tenants and provide representation in all phases of the landlord tenant relationship.

Real Estate Financing

We recognize the critical role that financing plays in real estate transactions, and are well versed in the complexities of acquisition, construction, and permanent financing. By actively representing buyers, sellers, lenders, and others, we understand the perspectives of all parties in real estate financing transactions.

Joint Ventures

In today's market, real estate projects are often the result of collaboration between two or more parties. Establishing and operating a successful joint venture requires legal knowledge of tax and commercial law as well as real estate law. Joint ventures may take the form of limited liability companies, partnerships or simple contractual arrangements. No matter what the situation calls for, we can craft a structure that satisfy your needs.

Liquor Licenses

We have many years of experience in all aspects of liquor licensing, including obtaining new licenses and transferring or acquiring existing licenses.

Practice Areas